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Beautiful Walking Clips!
If you or someone you know walks like poetry in motion, or if you want to see such ladies, read below the pictures!

Poetry in Motion!
These are the words that come to mind as you view our site host lady walking. We are paying $$$ for hot booty dancing and walking clips. Ladies needn't be pretty, but it's fine if they are. All they need to be is poetry in motion when they dance or walk! If you are such a lady, come to our site, and if you know such a lady, send her here!

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Making Websites or Brochures, or Shooting Videos and Need Backgrounds or Establishing Shots?Read below!

FREE and Cheap Backgrounds!
How does two jam-packed DVDs with over 8.5 gigabytes of AVIs and JPEGs sound? And for under $3! You also get a 17-page tutorial (PDF and Word) that has everything you'll need to know about how to use these photos and these AVI videos as backgrounds, including tools you will need, how to edit them, and even info on using optional tools like Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 or 8, Serious Magic's Ultra 2, and green screens. There's an abundance of good, clear examples even a novice could follow. Price: $2.99 with free shipping.

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Comedy DVDs plus Exercise DVDs

Comedy DVDs plus Exercise DVDs

Comedy DVDs plus Exercise DVDs

Two types of DVDs and videos that have the least booty in them today are Comedy DVDs and Exercise DVDs. The studios seem to find butt-less sticks whenever they cast anything. We have nothing against skinny ladies, but we surely wish that the casting directors would quit using anorexic scarecrows as yardsticks for beauty and talent. Such ladies may have talent, but even greater numbers of average-body ladies and booty-licious ladies have talent. However, according to reports, in order to get parts they're asked to starve themselves until they're gaunt little ghouls, and they resent the hell out of studios, networks, agencies, and casting directors for making these demands.

We've recently put together some booty-licious Comedy DVDs and Exercise DVDs we think you'll enjoy. The difference between our casting director and normal ones is that ours was instructed to look for nothing BUT backside blessed women, while normal casting directors look only for scarecrows. As a result of all this booty discrimination, few ladies that are anything but anorexics or at least skinny ever show up at modeling agencies to be models, talent agencies rarely see any other types, and acting gigs, modeling gigs, dancing gigs, advertising gigs—pretty much everything—end up going to the only ladies the agencies and agents have: skinny women.

It has become customary in these agencies to send backside blessed women away—rejecting them outright—so they settle for the only other entertainment or media jobs offered: stripping or porn, as if having a nice rear somehow made a lady evil so that she should be deprived of normal jobs so that the only thing left is stripping or porn. We feel that it is this IDEA that is truly evil, not the women, and the booty-licious are as deserving of good parts, jobs, and gigs as anyone else.

In our Comedy DVDs and Exercise DVDs, we've made an effort to have the photography reflect ADMIRATION of the backside blessed as opposed to SHUNNING of them. Our cameramen and camerawomen were instructed to reflect this admiration of beautiful female forms in their shots. Curvy, voluptuous, callipygian women that we used were very happy to finally get the acceptance they deserved for their lovely charms. The vast conspiracy against the female form in which thin, immature-looking, boyish bodies are the standard and women with curvy figures are exiled to a subordinate status has been going on for far too long and has hurt too many people in too many ways. Please join us in our attempt to become an antidote for the skinniness fad. Thank you!

Comedy DVDs

In the following Comedy DVDs, a guy named Willie Wacko often daydreams about backside blessed ladies. He thinks they're adorable. He likes watching them move and walk and bend. This is normal male behavior. But he's considered wacko because many other guys have bought into the insidious and unhealthy standards of the media and Hollywood and these other guys feel that they're supposed to only like skinny ladies who have bony faces, arms, legs, and torsos, and who look like they are starving to death. Anyway, when things get frustrating for Wacko, he just conjures up a yummy booty daydream—or even walks in on a lady in the shower!

Wacko isn't sure how to relate to the ladies. He tries, but he always seems to say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time. He ends up getting swatted and chased a lot as a result. He pursues his interests with gusto, and is constantly getting into trouble.

His best friend is his niece Fanny. They go on many adventures together, even to haunted houses! They also go on camping and fishing trips. Wacko likes to try out various gizmos on Fanny, like panty magnets, anti-gravity guns, and time machines, all of which he gets from ads in comic books!

In the following Comedy DVD, Fanny meets God in a bathroom and He gives her ass a special heavenly blessing and, as a result, she now can perform miracles with her ass! She merely sits on their laps and makes the miracle happen through her backside. Fanny is at her most adorable in this role.

Exercise DVDs

In the following Exercise DVDs, each of the ladies is backside blessed and the camera work celebrates this. Each DVD has two separate 20-minute exercise workouts and an optional 15-minute motivational section. You may choose to do one of the exercise workouts or both. Consult your physician before embarking on any new exercise program. Work your way slowly into anything new. Be careful—don't over-exert yourself or pull any muscles. If you are not sure how to do something safely, ask your doctor or fitness instructor. Happy exercising!

  1. Fanny and the Assets 1: Step Exercises and Standing Exercises
  2. Fanny and the Assets 2: Bending Exercises and Hands and Knees Exercises
  3. Fanny and the Assets 3: Balance Ball Exercises and Lying on Back and Lying on Side Exercises
  4. Fanny and the Assets 4: Weight Training Exercises & Stretching and Yoga Exercises
  5. Fanny and the Assets 5: Jumping & other Exercises: Other Exercises: Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, and Low-Impact Jumping

Throne of A.R.C. comedy DVD
Uncle Wacko and Fanny 1 comedy DVD
Uncle Wacko and Fanny 2 comedy DVD
Uncle Wacko and Fanny 3 comedy DVD
Uncle Wacko and Fanny 4 comedy DVD
Uncle Wacko and Fanny 5 comedy DVD
Uncle Wacko and Fanny 6 comedy DVD
Fanny and the Assets 1 exercise DVD
Fanny and the Assets 2 exercise DVD
Fanny and the Assets 3 exercise DVD
Fanny and the Assets 4 exercise DVD
Fanny and the Assets 5 exercise DVD